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Deadzone Plague Stage 3Z Zombies

As you may already now (or have guessed from the title of my Blog) Zombies are one of my favourite things, so I was happy as a Bantha in Poodoo when Mantic released their Plague Zombies.

I’ve ended up with circa 100 of them, and have so far assembled about a dozen. Having had fun using small numbers of them in recent games of Deadzone, I thought I’d get four Zombies (a cube’s worth) painted up. This small number would allow me to try out a ‘proof of concept’ in terms of the colour palette and method of painting them I had in mind.

Here’s the four of them basecoated:


The design of the Plague Zombies allows you to build Zombies that appear to be either former military (GCPS troopers) or scientist/engineers. The second Zombie from the left has been built using the torso and arms from a Kings of War  Zombie. The KOW Zombie and Ghoul sprues are compatible with the Deadzone Plague Zombies, greatly expanding your modelling options.

I painted the three military Zombs in a suitably olive looking palette and the engineer in the grey/blue scheme Mantic have used , which I like. I wanted to try a different colour for the Zombie’s flesh from the usual ‘necrotic green’and so; inspired by careful viewing of recent episodes of The Walking Dead (loved the ‘sand zombies’ on the bridge!) and the changed colour scheme for the Plague in Deadzone V2, I’ve gone for more natural flesh tones and tried to make them look more bruised than rotten. I’ve gone for red/orange eyes with burning yellow pupils, as per the great art on the cover of the Nexus Psi expansion.

Here they are all-but finished:


I’m happy with how they look. They don’t look great this close up, but look fine for the ol’ “three feet way away” test. This first chap needs a bit more work on the guts he’s chewing on- I’ll add some darker reds to the gore and then some blood effect with Tamiya clear red mixed with Army Painter Strong tone ink, when I get some more painting time next Saturday.


This is my favourite zombie of the four, both in terms of he pose and how the painting has turned out. Very “Brainsszzz!” 🙂


Here he is in profile, where you get a better sense of how dynamic his pose is:


I like that this Zombie is trying to bray you with is rifle, which he’s forgotten how to shoot:


And this engineer style Zomb is brandishing his tool (oo-er missus) at you:


Well, four down, about 96 to go (ulp!) I’ll add to this blog post as and when more zombies get painted. I think I’ll use rotten green skin tones for a few and grey for others, to add some variety to how they look and to stop me getting too bored painting them, but it’ll be a long time (if ever) before all 100 are painted).

Thanks for reading! 🙂




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4 responses to “Deadzone Plague Stage 3Z Zombies

  1. RVA

    Those are my second army in warpath, I still regret that I did not have time to buy the first version of zombies wich was made from corporation infantry. those are was fun

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mister c ⋅

    Base coat and dip?


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