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Deadzone Plague Strider

I was highly impressed after using a Strider with my Plague strike team for the first time in a game of Deadzone. So much so that I bumped the model up to the top of my ‘to paint’ list, painting it in December and finishing off the base today.


I think these are superb kits. They come with parts to build for the Enforcer, Rebs or Plague factions and if you buy the ‘Formation’ set, you get three Striders at a reduced price and another weapon option, an awesome metal burst laser.

I picked up three individual Striders at Kickstarter a couple of years ago, so I don’t have the metal burst laser, but I can try and convert one from the Defence Lines Battlezones set. Anyway, enough of what I don’t have. What I do have is a Strider assembled with a heavy flamer…



And a chainsaw.



The canopy is broken open, and you can see the Stage 3A pilot manning the controls (one of the several canopy options you get with this kit):


I’ve gone for an olive colour scheme for the armour on this Strider, over a metallic understructure. I imagine it as a GCPS vehicle taken over by Plague forces. I’ve painted both the chainsaw and flamer in an ‘industrial’ yellow. Everything has then be suitably distressed with some edge sponging to give the Strider a dirty and battered look.

With this model having such a large base, I wanted to make sure it was interesting. I hacked up a spare door from a Battlezone set and pinned this and the Strider to the base, which was otherwise covered in pva glue and sand.)

I couldn’t resist adding (part of) a victim to the base, so with the legs of a Plague Zombie and a spinal piece from the Kings of War Zombies kit,  I’ve added half the corpse of an unlucky GCPS marine and a suitable amount of gore to the chainsaw (Tamiya clear red pint mixed with Army Painter Strong Tone ink) to suggest it’s just carved its way through this unlucky soul.




I’ll be getting some good use from this model as I play through the Nexus Psi campaign with my amigo MisterC. Yikes – it’s not a machine I’d like to come face to canopy with!


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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