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Minion Miniatures Zombie Hulk

The Zombie Hulk is a ‘miniature’ that was originally intended to be part of Minion Miniature’s first kickstarter, but sadly it was not unlocked as not enough money was raised.

Many folk, such as myself, were very keen to see this unlocked; so I was very happy when Minion Miniatures announced a second kickstarter , with the express aim of creating the Zombie Hulk. Suffice to say, the second kickstarter was also a success and after nine month’s wait, a package arrived in the post yesterday with some rather interesting resin parts in it..


Long story short; y’put ’em all together and you get this!






This is one big fella. To be honest, when I first assembled it, as much as I like the miniature, I did think to myself, “Well, it’s not really THAT big…”  However, putting it alongside a troop of Mantic 30mm skeletons gives more perspective 🙂


Yep, he’s a whopper!

This is a resin kit and it’s very well cast. There’s going to be some filling required at the joints and there are mold lines to remove, but all in all, I’m very pleased with the quality.

There are lots of great gruesome details too. The Hulk is literally crawling with corpses. Some are impaled on its ‘trophy rack’:


And others are bursting from its body ready to attack:


Still more are helping to hold its guts in:


And others are just tearing themselves free:



Yes, that is the Hulk’s ass. The attention to detail with the cellulite is almost exquisite *barf*.

On the whole, the Zombie Hulk went together easily. Some of he corpses coming out of it were tricky to assemble simply because of how small the parts are, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be dealt with by a combination of patience and pinning.

The trickiest part to assemble is the corpse on the trophy rack that is impaled through the back of the head and the gut. I had to drill out the holes in the corpse to make them big enough for the spikes to fit and then drill some more for them to fit in level so both spikes were at the same height ready to attach to the Hulk’s shoulders. And then both the arms needed gluing on separately. Gah! Again, pinning and patience were the way forward (ably assisted by some green stuff).

Here’s the corpse parts, so you get more of an idea of the assembly required;


In addition to the corpses, there are other nice details like armour plates bolted directly into the Hulk’s flesh, a pair of vestigial (dragon?) wings which I guess the Necromancer had knocking around. As part of the kickstarter you also received a second, cyclopean head:


The fangs on this are particularly good. I think I’ll magnetise the neck and heads so I can use either one for a bit of variety.

I’m most likely going to use the Hulk as a proxy for a regiment of Zombies in my games of Kings of War. If Mantic ever revise the fan-made colossal monsters list which included an Undead Titan, then the Hulk can serve as one of these too. I’m going to carefully base him so he will work in either role.

I’m planning on assembling two or three new regiments of Zombies ready for Mantic’s summer campaign this year. One will incorporate a GW Corpse Cart I have spare and the other the Minion Miniature Flesh Golem I acquired in their first Kickstarter.

Once I’ve had more practise painting these zombies and trying out a few colour palettes and combinations for flesh tones, I’ll tackle the Hulk. So I don’t realistically see me painting him until the back of this year, but photos will go here when I do.

I hope Richard, the creative force behind Minion Miniatures, is able to expand his model line and get the rules published. I’m very interested to see what other miniatures might be in the range, given the quality of the two I already have.

And it’s gotta be said- this boy has guts…!


Thanks for reading, folks 🙂



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