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Deadzone Plague Stage 2B Burster

I loved the idea of the Plague Bursters from the very first time I saw the concept art for them back in the Warpath Kickstarter and read their description;


Image Copyright Mantic Games Ltd

Stage 2B Plague, colloquially known as ‘Bursters’, are the main source of transmission of the Plague. If allowed to close with an uninfected enemy they will inject infectious material through spines in their limbs and torsos. Well-placed weapons fire can cause the Bursters to literally explode before they can do this, but the risk of infection for those caught in the spray of ejected material, through wounds or damaged armour, is still very real. Mechanical targets are of course immune to infection, but a 2B is still strong enough to tear them apart.

I was really pleased to see how well the actual models turned out. They truly look bloated and disgusting. Not in any way, shall we say; “Nurgle-esque”, but properly warped, alien and just downright icky.

They’re metal models and come with a great selection of heads, arms and legs and two torso varieties, so you have plenty of options for assembling them. I’ve assembled one of mine so far and I pinned the arms on for some extra hold, as the joints are quite broad and I was concerned one good knock might break a limb away (I don’t want mine to literally burst!)

I decided to paint up my assembled Burster as part of my February panting oath for the ‘Mantic Madness’ Facebook group and looked to the way Mantic have painted theirs as seen in Warpath and Deadzone books:


Image Copyright Mantic Games Ltd

I particularly liked the bruised look of the Burster’s left arm and leg in the photo above and after a quick google for how skin and flesh looks when infected (not for the squeamish, I can tell you) I decided that I ‘d try and paint my own Burster to look especially bruised and rotten, like bad fruit:


I used purples for the swollen belly, mutated limbs and concentrated areas of sores/blisters and a more human flesh tone for the less affected areas of skin.I originally painted the very prominent boils a fleshy colour and gave them white ‘heads’ like nasty acne. I thought this ended up looking  a bit too bright, so I washed them with a watered down green ink , which has ended up contrasting nicely with the purple and looks suitably alien too.


I lie the bony carapace coming through down the Burster’s spine and painted it appropriately, as well as a few of the protrusions on the arms and shoulders, but I left the bony knee protrusions in a fleshy colour as I didn’t want them to end up looking too much like kneepads.



I used Citadel Bugman’s Glow as a base colour for the flesh and added varying amounts of purple and black to this with my airbrush over the ‘infected’ areas. A drybrush of Bugman’s Glow and then Army Painter Skeleton Bone helped tie the fleshy areas together, after which I set bout picking out all the boils and spots as mentioned above and detailing teeth and eyes.

I’m happy that this chap has ended up looking suitably like he’s about to burst, so he’ll do as proof of concept for me to continue and get the rest of my Bursters assembled and painted. Photos of them here when they’re done.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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