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Deadzone Plague Stage 3A Ghouls

I’m currently playing through the Nexus Psi campaign with my amigo Mister C , so I thought it was time to get some of my Stage 3A Ghouls painted up. I assembled a sprue’s worth of the new hard plastic 3As and gave myself a General, three troops and a specialist with a flamer as I don’t have a 3A armed with this weapon from the older restic kits.

I grabbed one each of my restic 3As with a grenade launcher and a HMG to give me a good spread of weapon options and set about choosing a colour palette; olive and grey for the military looking 3A; and grey, blue and yellow for the ‘engineer’ (the same palette I used on the Plague Zombie wearing similar get up).

Here they are:


I think this chap below has turned out very well – the sculpt on the pieces I used to build him is very good, with lots of sinew and muscle detail…


…and great detail with the bony protrusion on his spine.


I used the running legs to try and get a dynamic ‘in yer face’ charging 3A. I’m pleased with how his eyes turned out. I’m trying to emulate the excellent artwork from the cover of the Nexus Psi book, where the Plague have burning orange/yellow eyes. I’m painting mine red with yellow pupils.


The ‘Engineer’ next. I like how dynamic the 3As are. There’s a great sense of motion and general “Rarrrgghhh!” I’ve tried something for the first time ever with this miniature. I saw resin muzzle flashes for sale at the recent Vapnartak gaming show in York. They’re resin pieces by Anvil Industry, very nicely detailed and reasonably priced. I pinned it into place easily but then made a botch job of painting it. Nothing that can’t be fixed though.


Even with the crude paintwork, you can see in the photo below just how effective the muzzle flash looks. I really like them and will be putting them to good use going forwards.


Next up is my 3A General, with his ragged great coat and field glasses.


And lastly two restic 3As with heavy weapons from  Deadzone V1. I like the original 3As, but the new plastic models are much nicer to paint, with a lot more depth and detail,


These are all I’ve painted up for now, but there’ll be more to follow and photos of them here when they’re done.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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One response to “Deadzone Plague Stage 3A Ghouls

  1. mister c ⋅

    Look forward to meeting them.
    The muzzle flashes should make it much easier to spot them in the dark.


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