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TT Combat Intermodal Containers Painted

I bought a set of these Intermodal Containers by TT Combat to go with the awesome Dock Crane model that they produce.

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (1)

These mdf models are a great addition to any modern or futuristic gaming table. They’re quite easy to assemble and have some functionality in that the doors can be open and shut after you have built them. The hinges are quite literally a square peg in a round hole though, so I heartily recommend trimming or filing the door hinges down to be more round and less square, or the door are awkward to open and may tear the surface of the hinge.

You get three containers in the pack (a bargain for £5.95) and each one is different in that two have the name of different shipping companies laser cut into the sides and the third is blank:

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (2)TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (3)TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (4)

I’ve painted mine in vibrant colours typical of real world shipping containers, so they add a good splash of colour to the tabletop whilst remaining grounded in reality to a degree.

I used some Anarchy Models stencils to stencil “Deadzone” and a bio hazard symbol onto the orange container.

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (5)

I brushed watered-down pva glue onto the the models before cutting them free from their frames, so that the mdf wouldn’t drink up the paint so much. I sprayed on a black undercoat and acrylic paints then airbrushed =nicely onto the models without soaking in. A bit of edge sponging and some dusty brown airbrushed here and there made the containers look more weather worn and less lego-like, given their bright colours.

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (7)

The Intermodal Containers fit snugly into the hoist of the Dock Crane kit:

TT-Combat-Dock-Crane (17)

There’s a funny hammering noise coming from inside the red container at the moment. Just let me see what’s… Agh – run!!!:

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (6)

Thanks for reading (now leg it!!!) *Brainsz!*


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