Canteen set by Combatzone Scenery for Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

After painting up my Lifter and Loader set by Combatzone Scenery I fancied a bit of a ‘quick win’ and so chose the canteen set as my next project.

This set represents the locker room and canteen aboard the USS Sulaco, which is featured on gaming boards in the Get Away From Her You B*itch expansion for Aliens Another Glorious Day in the Corps along with the Sulaco’s cargo bay. Here’s the ‘naked’ canteen tile for comparison to the photo above with the scenery in place:

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted the hypersleep pods to the left of the board. Combatzone Scenery produce a set for them too which is going to be up next on my painting table. The doors in the background are part of a separate set too, but more on them in a future post.

There is also a… I’m not quite sure what it is to be honest. (an Ablution station? Water fountain? Food dispenser..?) which should have been in the photo above too, but I forgot to set it up (durr!). in the image above it sits in one square, second row up, far left. It looks like this:

If anybody does know what this is, (and that red stripe, although a bit jarring, is there on it in the film) then please let me know in the comments.

There’s three lockers in the set, two double and one triple, which have detail on both sides. The canopies made me think “Eh..?” but Combatzone Scenery are spot on, the lockers in the movie have these canopies too, which I’d never noticed until I looked for them. I suspect they may house a small strip light? I like the detail of the keypads on each locker. I must go back and give the keypads a quick light grey drybrush to make them pop a little and add some dark green paint to their screens.

The centrepiece of the set is the dining table, a sizeable piece of scenery complete with benches, food trays, cups, jugs, food heaters and what I’ve chosen to paint as cornbread.

Two of the mugs on my piece were only part-formed, so rather than trying to build them up with green stuff, for the sake of my sanity I removed them. There’s still plenty of lovely detail present. I chose to paint some of the jugs and mugs to look like they contain coffee and the other orange juice.

I undercoated everything in matt black using a Rustoleum brand rattle can and the sprayed the lockers and unidentified unit with Army Painter Plate Metal rattle can. I airbrushed on a little black to tone down the Plate Metal colour and help add a little scale to the pieces and lined some of the detail (the grills on the lockers and edges of the doors) with some Citadel Nuln Oil for some extra definition.

The table was airbrushed with Citadel Corax White and the benches painted Citadel Wraithbone for some contrast with the Corax. Table legs and edges were pained light grey and the the details on the table were picked out in various appropriate colours.

Whilst the subject matter is a little unassuming, this is a great set which I think particularly enhances the Aliens AGDITC gaming table and you get a lot of resin/plaster for your money in the table alone. You can take a look at the full range of ‘Hanley’s Hope’ scenery by Combatzone Scenery here.

As always – thanks for reading. 🙂

“Hey Bishop!? Do that thing with the knife..!”

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