This is my first attempt at keeping a blog, as somewhere to keep images of my painted miniatures and scenery and random musings about the hobby I enjoy, in the vague hope somebody else might actually be interested too and enjoy reading my ramblings.

The Other One

Greetingsszz. Welcome to The Vault of the Undead…

I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and have had an interest in wargaming miniatures and scenery since I was about 8. That’s when I first really saw and appreciated the 25mm Napoleonic miniatures my friend’s father painted for people around the world. On his worktable I’d see rows and rows of tiny soldiers, taken from being bare metal to beautiful colours, all with such attention to detail. I was fascinated.

Being a Star Wars fan, I started off with some sci-fi miniatures, then discovered Warhammer (2nd edition, back when it was still, y’know -actually a good game) and began to play that.

I never seriously got into wargaming until I met my good friend Chris, who introduced me to 15mm scale miniatures and for the best part of a decade I played Warhammer with Chris through its various editions with a 15mm Undead, then Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings armies.

Then Mantic Games came along and suddenly I could consider 28/30mm gaming affordable. One game of Kings of War and I was hooked and we have never played Warhammer again.

Now I have a sizeable (and growing) Undead army for Kings of War and a small circle of fellow players to game against, when time and family commitments allow. I also enjoy playing Deadzone, Mars Attacks, Last Night on Earth, Zombies!!! and Cthulhu Wars.

Thirty five years later and I’m still fascinated.

I hope you find this blog interesting too.


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