Games Workshop Fortified Manor Scenery, Painted

I bought the Games Workshop Fortified Manor set several years ago. I think it’s such a cool-looking stronghold and the separate components offer some good flexibility in placing scenery, with an individual tower, chapel and walls. I’m very pleased to have bought one before GW slashed their scenery range in favour of the Age of Sigmar stuff (yuk).

I’ve  painted up the Walls and Fences already, but have only just got around to starting to tackle the main parts of the set. I’m essentially using them as practise for when i paint my Tabletop World Blacksmith’s Forge and Watermill

It’s early days at the moment, and all the below is work-in-progress; but here’s a few images to chart my progress in the coming weeks. The set was undercoated in black and I then airbrushed on  a thin, varigated layer of Miniature Paints ‘#62 Sand’ colour as a  base coat. I’ve had a BIG jar of this for years and it’s a great colour. I used it on my Deathknell Watch  tower.


I then mixed up some Army Painter Skeleton Bone with the sand colour and airbrushed it onto the broad, smooth sections of wall on the tower, chapel and their joining section, which I see as being covered with plaster or render. This will (when it’s washed and highlighted) match the plaster sections on my Tabletop World Stone Bridge.

I’ve then picked out cap stones on battlements, window and door frames and various cornerstones and buttress stones in pure Miniature Paint Sand colour, leaving the darker, airbrushed sand parts as varigated colour. I intend to mix the sand colour with grey, brown and green;and then  paint random stones here and  there with those colours to add even more variety to the stone work.

Fortified_Manor_WIP (1)

There’s a LOT of detail to paint on this kit- wooden beams, frames, doors, chains, various bits or ironwork and of course, the roof tiles , which I’ll do in a grey colour to match the Stone Bridge, so my buildings tie together to look like they’re part of the same settlement.

Fortified_Manor_WIP (2)

This project will probably take up almost all of my hobby time between now and Christmas, so I’ll post updates here and the finished piece will get plenty of coverage too.

Fortified_Manor_WIP (3)

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Fortified_Manor_WIP (4)


Painted Gate for Cthulhu Wars

The one Cthulhu Wars miniature you know you’re going to need in each and every game are the gates. And lots of them.

After painting up a regiment of zombies for my Kings of War army, I needed  a break from panting rank and file so I decided to try out a test colour scheme ad techniques for a Cthulhu Wars gate.

Here’s how it turned out:

CW Gate (2)

The gates were originally 2D card counters, which work perfectly well, but as one of the stretch goals from the first Cthulhu Wars kickstarter campaign, fully sculpted plastic gates were unlocked. I think these are superb. The detail of the sculpt is great and the design is clever too, as you can fit both a Cultist on the gate to control it or one of the larger monsters (in the very rare circumstances that a monster can control a gate).

Here’s the original card gate and on the right, an unpainted plastic gate:

CW Gate (9)

I decided to try and replicate the blue/white glow of the card gate on the plastic version and I’m happy with how this has turned out. Some more photos from different angles first so you can see the effect I’ve achieved:

CW Gate (1)

CW Gate (3)

CW Gate (4)

CW Gate (5)

CW Gate (6)

CW Gate (7)

CW Gate (8)

I love the skull that’s been deposited in one of the four… ‘receptacles’ on the gate. Just had to paint that skull sitting in a pool of fresh blood for  a nice bit of contrast with the cold grey and blues.

The gate was quite simple to paint and I’m happy it didn’t take me too long to do, so I feel I’m able to paint all my gates (or enough for all the possibilities in a 3 to 5 player game, as I don’t have any of the larger sized Cthulhu Wars maps) to the same standard.

The gate was undercoated in black, with a Vallejo Dark Blue Grey #70.867 base coat. I then washed the whole miniature with Army Painter Strong Tone ink and applied two layers of drybrushing. First a 3:1 mix of the Dark Blue grey with white, then a 1:1 mix of the same.

I then picked out all the skulls (I didn’t realise just how many there are until I started painting ’em all!) in Army Painter Skeleton Bone and then washed them all with Army Painter Strong Tone ink, adding a bit more wash to any areas of the grey rocks where the drybrushing was a bit too heavy.

Next up the blue glow. I airbrushed on Vallejo Andrea Blue #70.841, working from the centre of the gate outwards and working my ‘around the clock’ so all the gate was bathed in a blue colour emitting from its centre. I gave  a quick blast of this blue onto the sigils on each of the gate’s four raised columns. I mixed white in with the Andrea Blue in a 4:1 mix and then carefully airbrushed this much brighter blue around the circle in the centre of the gate and over the pentagram, with a quick blast again around the clock so the lighter blue was spilling out from the centre too.

Lastly, I used a fine detail brush to paint pure white into the central circle, pentagram, and various sigils and then drybrushed pure white onto the rest of the gate, again working from the centre outwards.

A quick retouch of bone colour here and there to the skulls and a daubing of my blood effect onto the skull in the receptacle ( a 1:1 mix of Tamiya X27 clear red and Army Painter Strong Tone ink) and the painting is done.

I need to varnish the whole thing, but will use my tried and tested method of using spray gloss varnish followed by a coat of spray matt varnish to dull down the shine. I’ll cover the bloody skull with a blob of blu-tack so that the fresh blood effect isn’t ruined by the matt  varnish.

I can see me losing the will to live a little when it comes to picking out all the skulls when I come to batch paint a large number of these gates in one sitting, but looking forward to playing with the glow effect with the airbrush should keep me going.

I briefly considered painting a few gates with the light effect of the colours of the different Cthulhu Wars factions (green for Great Cthulhu, red for Dark Goat etc) but then this would mean having to sift through the box of gates to find the correct colour to use and then doing so again should a rival faction take over that gate and frankly, that all seems to be too much of pain to bother. I’m pleased with how this gate looks, so will paint all of them in the same way, although I will (eventually) paint the Colour Out of Space gates in their respective colours, so those gates still work with those additional rules.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Reaper Miniatures Bones ‘Dragons Don’t Share’ Tower

I bought this awesome ruined tower as part of the “Dragon’s Don’t Share” boxed set from Reaper Miniatures Bones range. There’s an excellent Dragon and several adventurers included in the set, but I bought it mainly so I could use these ruins in my games of Kings of War.


DDS Tower (2)

DDS Tower (3)

There’s four pieces to these ruins, the lower and upper sections of a ruined tower and two sections of ruined stairway that lead up to it. First up, the ruined tower. Here’s the two pieces together:

DDS Tower (4)

DDS Tower (5)

And a closer look at the stairwell in the top of the tower.

DDS Tower (6)

The top section of my tower had warped a little during transit. I used the ‘hot water and ice’ treatment to soften and straighten it, but over time it’s warped back again. It doesn’t matter too much though. Unless you know what you’re looking for it isn’t really obvious and if anything; it adds to the decrepit and precarious look of the tower.

Now the lower part of the tower. This is a great sculpt, with loads of detail. The Bones material holds fine detail very well and seems very well suited to solid, chunky scenery like this.

DDS Tower (8)

DDS Tower (9)

DDS Tower (10)

DDS Tower (11)

DDS Tower (7)

I’ve tried to enhance the sculpted details with washes and carefully placed tufts poking up in the broken areas of stone.

The small, lower part of the stairs:

DDS Tower (17)

DDS Tower (18)

DDS Tower (19)

DDS Tower (20)

And the larger part:DDS Tower (12)

DDS Tower (13)

DDS Tower (14)

DDS Tower (15)

DDS Tower (16)

I added static grass to the base of this piece, so it fits in well with my Rolling Fields Tablescapes tiles.  Again, there’s so much great detail here; cracks, rough textures, rubble and stones. These pieces were a joy to paint.

I used my airbrush to undercoat the pieces in Vallejo Chocolate brown, then airbrushed on Miniatures Paints Sand colour as a base coat, leaving the brown showing through here and there for some varigation in colour.

I then mixed the sand colour in varying rations with browns, greens and greys and picked out some blocks of stone in these different colours, to again try and give more of the natural variation in colour stone has. I shy away from the ‘black drybrushed with grey’ approach to my stone and rocks, trying instead to more emulate the local millstone grit here in Yorkshire, which is quite golden in colour.

A wash of Army Painter Soft Tone ink brought out the fine details and tied the colours in the stonework together nicely. I then drybrushed in Army Painter skeleton Bone and a final very light pure white drybrush and added tufts and static grass.

This last shot gives you a sense of scale, with a troop of 10 Mantic Games 28mm Skeletons:

DDS Tower (21)

This last photo is of the paving in the base of the tower, my favourite part of all the sculpting on these pieces:

DDS Tower (22)

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Zombie Regiment for Kings of War

Hot off the painting table is this regiment of Zombies for my Undead army in Kings of War:

Golem Regiment (10)

Golem Regiment (8)

Golem Regiment (7)

Golem Regiment (6)

Golem Regiment (2)

The striking big fella dominating the unit is a Flesh Golem by Minion Miniatures. I backed their Kickstarter a couple of years ago to get this model, as I thought it looked just plain cool! You can see the model unassembled and unpainted in an earlier bog post.

The gravestones are by Renedra, with a couple of GW ones from the Garden of Morr set which I had in my bitz box. There are a couple of other GW bitz in there too, such as the body of the Zombie on the far left of he front rank.

The gravestones tie this regiment in with my Zombie Horde and my Ghouls, which feature more gravestones and tombs.

The Flesh golem is a great, patchwork monster. here’s a few more shots showing off his ‘Jhn Carpenter’s The Thing’ inspired face, hideous tentacle arm, flesh shredding shoulder spikes ans clawed arm:

Golem Regiment (5)

Golem Regiment (9)

I love the carapace on the back on the tentacle arm. I painted the Flesh Golem to try and emphasise its patchwork nature, like it had been sewn together from several different beasts, so the legs, torso and face are a more normal skin tone, the clawed arm a rotten green and the tentacle a noisome, ruddy  flesh colour.

There are a few details on the base, like a Zombie head popping up from the ground, a zombie in the process of devouring a victim, a severed arm crawling about and a raven perched on one of the gravestones -I’ll get photos of these too and post them up here. Got to dash now as I’m playing a game of Kings of war tonight and need to get the battlefield ready!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Mummy Regiment for Kings of War

Here’s my regiment of Mummies for use in my Kings of War Undead Army. It’s comprised of two Troops so I have good flexibility in choosing my army, but the vast majority of the time, I field them as a regiment.

Mummy Regiment 1

Mummy Regiment 2

Mummy Regiment 5

Mummy Regiment 6

The unit is predominantly made up of Mantic’s mummies. I found two Tomb Kings miniatures in a bitz box at  a wargames show (the standard bearer and musician) and thought they would add some variety to the unit. I made up two champion figures from other Tomb Kings pieces I have.

Mummy Regiment 3

Mummy Regiment 4

Mummy Regiment 7

I do feel it makes the unit look a bit more Gee Dubs than Mantic, as the command models are what you see first, but I’m happy with the overall effect. I had a spare carrion model from GW’s Warmaster range and added that for  bit of extra ‘colour’.

Mummy Regiment 9

Mummy Regiment 10

Here’s a close up of one of the Mantic Mummies:

Mummy Regiment 8

From research for an old 15mm Egyptian army I started but never finished, I vaguely remember reading that Egyptian marines wore red and blue. Now, I know these Mummies aren’t Egyptian, but using red for their main colour contrasts nicely with my Skeleton units (whose main colours are green and brown) and compliments other elite units such as my Soul Reaver infantry.

I airbrushed and drybrushed some sandy-coloured dirt onto the tattered ends of the red cloaks. The armour is a bronze colour with a grimey green wash to try and give a verdigris effect. The weapons look fat to uniform to me now, looking at these photos, so I think I’ll add a little rust effect to them.

I painted the Mummies flesh a dark grey, based on actual Mummies I’ve seem in museums.

The icon on the banner and shields is the White Rose motif I’ve chosen for my army. I imagine that the mummies have allied themselves with /been pressed into service for the Lady Melantha, my Vampire  Countess and army general and have adopted her White Rose sigil to show allegiance.

This painted regiment will see action for the first time during any games I play as part of Mantic’s Edge of the abyss summer campaign. Fingers crossed that they don’t suffer the curse of the freshly painted miniatures.

Thanks for reading!




Deadzone Plague Swarm

Ah, the good ol’ reliable Plague Swarm. I think I’ve taken one of these in every single game of Deadzone I’ve played. They’re such a solid, dependable unit and there are very few opponents they they can’t crack open and eat up.

They’re great models too. A proper gribbly mix of rats, slugs, beetles and multi-legged and pincered ‘millepedes’. This gives a good variety of things to paint on each model, so you can squeeze in quite a few different colours.

There’s only one sculpt of a Plague Swarm, but as there are a couple of separate pieces to attach (the rearing ‘millipedes’) you can work in a little variety. I’ve assembled and painted two Swarms to date, but with a bit of variety in assembly and palette, you can make each one look pleasingly different, yet obviously part of the same force.

Deadzone_Plague_Swarm (1)

Deadzone_Plague_Swarm (9)

The top-down shot below shows both swarms with the same orientation, so you can clearly see the difference you can make by varying assembly and colour palette.

Deadzone_Plague_Swarm (8)

“Extreme close up. Whooaaa!!!” *Swarm’s World! Swarm’s World! Party time, excellent!

Deadzone_Plague_Swarm (5)

Deadzone_Plague_Swarm (6)

Deadzone_Plague_Swarm (4)

Deadzone_Plague_Swarm (3)

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Undead Troll for Runequest RPG

In a recent Runequest gaming session, our band of Orlanthi outlaws (one barbarian, a Vingan and a Duck) encountered dozens of skeletons sat motionless, blocking our path. We rode hard through them and of course they got up and came at us. DM Graeme cheerfully plonked a load of skeleton figures on the table and we were soon in a proper scrap.

One of the miniatures was a superb-looking Troll Skeleton. This ex-Uz was produced by Mad Knight Castings (who have sadly now stopped trading) and I was so impressed with it I thought it was deserving of being painted, offered my services for free and now here’s the finished miniature:

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (1)

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (3)

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (4)

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (5)

This was a nice, simple miniature to paint. Vallejo Dark Sand base coat, Army Painter Soft Tone ink wash, then highlights in the Dark Sand, Army Painter skeleton Bone, with a final highlight of Skeleton Bone and white. The shaft of the mace was Vallejo US Army Drab and the head Army Painter bronze mixed with brown to dull it down a bit. Army Painter Soft Tone wash and then a wash of turquoise for a verdigris effect. And best of all Graeme seems very pleased with it. so a job well done 🙂

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (6)

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Deadzone: Plague Teraton

Infected, undead-ish teleporting space turtles. What’s not to like!? The Teratons are something quite different from the usual sci-fi norm, and help to give Mantic’s Warpath universe some extra distinction from other *cough* grimdark future sci fi games.

This Plague Teraton is a great sculpt and was  a joy to paint. There’s lots of nice raw muscle texture and gribbly growth in addition to the usual Plague exoskeletal bone growth. The deep set, beady eyes are very nicely done too. Here’s a good look at the turtle of the hour:

Deadzone_Plague_Teraton (1)

Deadzone_Plague_Teraton (4)

Deadzone_Plague_Teraton (3)

Deadzone_Plague_Teraton (2)

Deadzone_Plague_Teraton (6)

I’ve only used a Plague Teraton twice so far in my games of Deadzone, but it has proved to be quite deadly both times out. The freedom of movement the ‘Teleport’ special rule gives is very useful for closing with the enemy and ripping them into wet chunks.

I’m currently part way through playing the Nexus Psi campaign with my amigo MisterC. Sadly, his pesky Enforcers cut down my Plague Teraton in our last game, so I no longer have it to draw on for my Strike Team. Oh wait. I’ve got plenty of resource points to spend. Hmm, not what could I spend them on? If only I had a freshly painted nasty beastie of some kind… 😉

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Mantic Landing Pad for Deadzone and Warpath, Painted

Outpost 31, the setting for my games of Deadzone, can now include a landing pad in its list of facilities.

Landing-Pad (5)

This Battlezones kit has some useful and fun pieces, such as 45 degree angled plates, steps and support legs. I’ve combined my Landing Pad Battlezone with pieces from the what were labelled as Urban Expansion D sprues in the Deadzone Kickstarter, although I can’t find them on Mantic’s web store at the moment to be able add a link up to illustrate which parts I mean.

I’ve built a 3 by 3 cube pad, as I felt that the 4 by 4 pad you can build from the kit is just too large to be practical in a standard game of Deadzone. I added to the basic landing pad  kit by using some of the aforementioned Urban Expansion D sprues to build up the bulkheads around the base of the pad . I’ve also added a modular tower for personnel to be able to embark and disembark from the pad. This is a separate piece to the pad, giving me some additional flexibility for set up (and making the kit easier to store).

I’ve moved away from my usual colour scheme of ‘industrial yellow’ for the landing pad and opted for a more utilitarian blue/grey colour instead. A friend has loaned me his set of stencils by Anarchy Models, which have proved very useful in adding some bits of detail, like the hazard stripes you can see on the triangular sections of the main pad, below.

Landing-Pad (1)

In the photo below you can just make out the dusty trail leading from the centre of the pad towards the top of the photo, left by personnel as they leave their vehicle and cross the pad heading for the elevator in the tower. The rest of the landing pad looks a bit too clean for my liking. I intend to add some scorch marks from the vehicle that lands there, but I’m waiting to receive wave 2 of the Warpath Kickstarter, which will include the Hornet vehicle. Once I have that, I can see where the thrusters are located on the kit and then paint scorch marks on the pad so they match the relevant positioning of the Hornet’s thrusters.

Landing-Pad (6)

A better look at the trail of muck left by footfall, along with general weathering added by edge sponging dark brown paint here and there.

Landing-Pad (3)

The tower used to gain access to and from the pad:

Landing-Pad (8)

Signs of the damage caused by the current Plague outbreak at Outpost 31:

Landing-Pad (2)

A more intact section of the landing pad’s superstructure.

Landing-Pad (7)

Agh! Speaking of the Plague, looks like another assault is starting. Kinda convenient to help give a sense of scale to the landing pad, though 😉

Landing-Pad (10)

Whoa, this Stage 3 Ghoul is getting a little trigger happy! I’m going to sign off and head for cover. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Landing-Pad (9)

TT Combat Intermodal Containers Painted

I bought a set of these Intermodal Containers by TT Combat to go with the awesome Dock Crane model that they produce.

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (1)

These mdf models are a great addition to any modern or futuristic gaming table. They’re quite easy to assemble and have some functionality in that the doors can be open and shut after you have built them. The hinges are quite literally a square peg in a round hole though, so I heartily recommend trimming or filing the door hinges down to be more round and less square, or the door are awkward to open and may tear the surface of the hinge.

You get three containers in the pack (a bargain for £5.95) and each one is different in that two have the name of different shipping companies laser cut into the sides and the third is blank:

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (2)TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (3)TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (4)

I’ve painted mine in vibrant colours typical of real world shipping containers, so they add a good splash of colour to the tabletop whilst remaining grounded in reality to a degree.

I used some Anarchy Models stencils to stencil “Deadzone” and a bio hazard symbol onto the orange container.

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (5)

I brushed watered-down pva glue onto the the models before cutting them free from their frames, so that the mdf wouldn’t drink up the paint so much. I sprayed on a black undercoat and acrylic paints then airbrushed =nicely onto the models without soaking in. A bit of edge sponging and some dusty brown airbrushed here and there made the containers look more weather worn and less lego-like, given their bright colours.

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (7)

The Intermodal Containers fit snugly into the hoist of the Dock Crane kit:

TT-Combat-Dock-Crane (17)

There’s a funny hammering noise coming from inside the red container at the moment. Just let me see what’s… Agh – run!!!:

TT-Combat_Inetrmodal-Container (6)

Thanks for reading (now leg it!!!) *Brainsz!*