Send in the Big Guns! Mantic Games Undead Army Balefire Catapults, Painted.

Here’s my Undead army’s artillery, in the form of a battery of three Balefire Catapults.

Balefire Catapults (1)

There’s usually a good debate about how effective these are in games of Kings of War. With them only having a one in three chance of hitting, you really need to take a battery of three to stand a chance of doing damage each round (lines of sight etc permitting), and three Balefires is a lot of points to sink (300), so I only tend to select them for my army in bigger games , 2,000 points and upwards.

But rules aside, these are nicely detailed hard plastic kits that allow you to build some variety into the look of each Balefire and its crew by positioning each catapult’s arm differently and varying the look of the skeleton crew.

Here’s a look at all three from one side:

Balefire Catapults (2)Balefire Catapults (3)Balefire Catapults (4)

And the other:

Balefire Catapults (5)Balefire Catapults (6)Balefire Catapults (7)

In these photos you can see some of the nice little touches that come with this kit, such as the arm option with the telescope, giving one o he crew a good ‘spotter’ look and the pointing “There, fire over there!” arm.

A skull is sculpted as being loaded onto each catapult and you get a bag o’ ammo and arms clutching several skulls to make up a ‘loader’ crew member.

I’ve painted the catapult’s payload in a sickly glowing green, to match the look of necromantic energy I’ve used across other models and units in my army.

Balefire Catapults (11)

I’ve added a white rose transfer to the protective shield son the front of each catapult, as this is my army’s sigil:

I painted the wood in a pale colour, thinking of cut wood rather than the darker browns of bark, and an Army Painter Strong Tone ink wash has brought all the nice detail in the sculpt, the wood grain and the rope and many bits of metal bolting and lashing the contraptions together.

Looking at them again whilst writing this blog, I think I’ll go back and hit each catapult with a little bit of the rust effect paint, to make them look really weathered!

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Zombie Regiment for Kings of War

Hot off the painting table is this regiment of Zombies for my Undead army in Kings of War:

Golem Regiment (10)

Golem Regiment (8)

Golem Regiment (7)

Golem Regiment (6)

Golem Regiment (2)

The striking big fella dominating the unit is a Flesh Golem by Minion Miniatures. I backed their Kickstarter a couple of years ago to get this model, as I thought it looked just plain cool! You can see the model unassembled and unpainted in an earlier bog post.

The gravestones are by Renedra, with a couple of GW ones from the Garden of Morr set which I had in my bitz box. There are a couple of other GW bitz in there too, such as the body of the Zombie on the far left of he front rank.

The gravestones tie this regiment in with my Zombie Horde and my Ghouls, which feature more gravestones and tombs.

The Flesh golem is a great, patchwork monster. here’s a few more shots showing off his ‘Jhn Carpenter’s The Thing’ inspired face, hideous tentacle arm, flesh shredding shoulder spikes ans clawed arm:

Golem Regiment (5)

Golem Regiment (9)

I love the carapace on the back on the tentacle arm. I painted the Flesh Golem to try and emphasise its patchwork nature, like it had been sewn together from several different beasts, so the legs, torso and face are a more normal skin tone, the clawed arm a rotten green and the tentacle a noisome, ruddy  flesh colour.

There are a few details on the base, like a Zombie head popping up from the ground, a zombie in the process of devouring a victim, a severed arm crawling about and a raven perched on one of the gravestones -I’ll get photos of these too and post them up here. Got to dash now as I’m playing a game of Kings of war tonight and need to get the battlefield ready!

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Mummy Regiment for Kings of War

Here’s my regiment of Mummies for use in my Kings of War Undead Army. It’s comprised of two Troops so I have good flexibility in choosing my army, but the vast majority of the time, I field them as a regiment.

Mummy Regiment 1

Mummy Regiment 2

Mummy Regiment 5

Mummy Regiment 6

The unit is predominantly made up of Mantic’s mummies. I found two Tomb Kings miniatures in a bitz box at  a wargames show (the standard bearer and musician) and thought they would add some variety to the unit. I made up two champion figures from other Tomb Kings pieces I have.

Mummy Regiment 3

Mummy Regiment 4

Mummy Regiment 7

I do feel it makes the unit look a bit more Gee Dubs than Mantic, as the command models are what you see first, but I’m happy with the overall effect. I had a spare carrion model from GW’s Warmaster range and added that for  bit of extra ‘colour’.

Mummy Regiment 9

Mummy Regiment 10

Here’s a close up of one of the Mantic Mummies:

Mummy Regiment 8

From research for an old 15mm Egyptian army I started but never finished, I vaguely remember reading that Egyptian marines wore red and blue. Now, I know these Mummies aren’t Egyptian, but using red for their main colour contrasts nicely with my Skeleton units (whose main colours are green and brown) and compliments other elite units such as my Soul Reaver infantry.

I airbrushed and drybrushed some sandy-coloured dirt onto the tattered ends of the red cloaks. The armour is a bronze colour with a grimey green wash to try and give a verdigris effect. The weapons look fat to uniform to me now, looking at these photos, so I think I’ll add a little rust effect to them.

I painted the Mummies flesh a dark grey, based on actual Mummies I’ve seem in museums.

The icon on the banner and shields is the White Rose motif I’ve chosen for my army. I imagine that the mummies have allied themselves with /been pressed into service for the Lady Melantha, my Vampire  Countess and army general and have adopted her White Rose sigil to show allegiance.

This painted regiment will see action for the first time during any games I play as part of Mantic’s Edge of the abyss summer campaign. Fingers crossed that they don’t suffer the curse of the freshly painted miniatures.

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Undead Troll for Runequest RPG

In a recent Runequest gaming session, our band of Orlanthi outlaws (one barbarian, a Vingan and a Duck) encountered dozens of skeletons sat motionless, blocking our path. We rode hard through them and of course they got up and came at us. DM Graeme cheerfully plonked a load of skeleton figures on the table and we were soon in a proper scrap.

One of the miniatures was a superb-looking Troll Skeleton. This ex-Uz was produced by Mad Knight Castings (who have sadly now stopped trading) and I was so impressed with it I thought it was deserving of being painted, offered my services for free and now here’s the finished miniature:

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (1)

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (3)

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (4)

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (5)

This was a nice, simple miniature to paint. Vallejo Dark Sand base coat, Army Painter Soft Tone ink wash, then highlights in the Dark Sand, Army Painter skeleton Bone, with a final highlight of Skeleton Bone and white. The shaft of the mace was Vallejo US Army Drab and the head Army Painter bronze mixed with brown to dull it down a bit. Army Painter Soft Tone wash and then a wash of turquoise for a verdigris effect. And best of all Graeme seems very pleased with it. so a job well done 🙂

Runequest_Troll_Skeleton (6)

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Minion Miniatures Zombie Hulk

The Zombie Hulk is a ‘miniature’ that was originally intended to be part of Minion Miniature’s first kickstarter, but sadly it was not unlocked as not enough money was raised.

Many folk, such as myself, were very keen to see this unlocked; so I was very happy when Minion Miniatures announced a second kickstarter , with the express aim of creating the Zombie Hulk. Suffice to say, the second kickstarter was also a success and after nine month’s wait, a package arrived in the post yesterday with some rather interesting resin parts in it..


Long story short; y’put ’em all together and you get this!






This is one big fella. To be honest, when I first assembled it, as much as I like the miniature, I did think to myself, “Well, it’s not really THAT big…”  However, putting it alongside a troop of Mantic 30mm skeletons gives more perspective 🙂


Yep, he’s a whopper!

This is a resin kit and it’s very well cast. There’s going to be some filling required at the joints and there are mold lines to remove, but all in all, I’m very pleased with the quality.

There are lots of great gruesome details too. The Hulk is literally crawling with corpses. Some are impaled on its ‘trophy rack’:


And others are bursting from its body ready to attack:


Still more are helping to hold its guts in:


And others are just tearing themselves free:



Yes, that is the Hulk’s ass. The attention to detail with the cellulite is almost exquisite *barf*.

On the whole, the Zombie Hulk went together easily. Some of he corpses coming out of it were tricky to assemble simply because of how small the parts are, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be dealt with by a combination of patience and pinning.

The trickiest part to assemble is the corpse on the trophy rack that is impaled through the back of the head and the gut. I had to drill out the holes in the corpse to make them big enough for the spikes to fit and then drill some more for them to fit in level so both spikes were at the same height ready to attach to the Hulk’s shoulders. And then both the arms needed gluing on separately. Gah! Again, pinning and patience were the way forward (ably assisted by some green stuff).

Here’s the corpse parts, so you get more of an idea of the assembly required;


In addition to the corpses, there are other nice details like armour plates bolted directly into the Hulk’s flesh, a pair of vestigial (dragon?) wings which I guess the Necromancer had knocking around. As part of the kickstarter you also received a second, cyclopean head:


The fangs on this are particularly good. I think I’ll magnetise the neck and heads so I can use either one for a bit of variety.

I’m most likely going to use the Hulk as a proxy for a regiment of Zombies in my games of Kings of War. If Mantic ever revise the fan-made colossal monsters list which included an Undead Titan, then the Hulk can serve as one of these too. I’m going to carefully base him so he will work in either role.

I’m planning on assembling two or three new regiments of Zombies ready for Mantic’s summer campaign this year. One will incorporate a GW Corpse Cart I have spare and the other the Minion Miniature Flesh Golem I acquired in their first Kickstarter.

Once I’ve had more practise painting these zombies and trying out a few colour palettes and combinations for flesh tones, I’ll tackle the Hulk. So I don’t realistically see me painting him until the back of this year, but photos will go here when I do.

I hope Richard, the creative force behind Minion Miniatures, is able to expand his model line and get the rules published. I’m very interested to see what other miniatures might be in the range, given the quality of the two I already have.

And it’s gotta be said- this boy has guts…!


Thanks for reading, folks 🙂


Revenant King Takes First Place in Painting Competition

My friendly local gaming store here in Huddersfield, IQ Games, announced the results of their painting competition today.

There were four categories, three of which I entered; ‘Single Miniature’; ‘Bigature’ and ‘Diorama’. The fourth category was ‘My First Painted Miniature’, which I couldn’t enter, as I’ve been painting for some time now! I entered my Revenant King into the ‘Single Miniature’, Kaladrax into the ‘Bigature’ and my Zombie Horde into the ‘Diorama’.


Single Miniature Entries: My Revenant King is in the 2nd column form the left, at the back.


Diaoramas: My Zombie Horde is on the far left.


Bigatures: I think you can spot the Giant Undead Dragon!

The competition was judged by artist Ralph Horsley, who has painted many Magic the Gathering cards and also the cover for the latest Kings of War rulebook.

When all the prize winning miniatures were set out on display I  was initially a little disappointed when I saw that Kaladrax wasn’t amongst them, but then I clocked that my Revenant King was! And a few minutes later, it was announced as the winner of the Single Miniature category. :p


The Revenant King (WINNER!) 🙂


Revenant King & The Other One

This was the first painting competition I’ve ever entered, so I’m properly chuffed to have won something! First prize was five pots of paint of my choice , so I was able to get some of the new Citadel Air paints ready to use on my Deadzone battlezones (and as I spent £6 entering three categories, I’m quids in too 🙂 )

Plus I had fun chatting with the other painters who were waiting alongside me in the FLGS for the results and also Ralph; who mentioned that he started off by painting miniatures and first did his ‘2d’ paintings using the acrylics he had for his miniatures.


Several of the Winners (Yours truly 2nd left) with Ralph Horsley Stood on the Right

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Painted Undead Army for Kings of War

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday Dear Vault of the Undead,

Happy Birthday to Me!

It just struck me the other day that I created this Vault of the Undead blog in September 2015, so it’s just celebrated its 1st birthday. Crikey, tempus fugit indeed.

By way of a minor celebration, I’ve done a quick photo shoot of all of the painted units that comprise my Undead army for Kings of War. This is the first time I’ve actually laid them all out to take a photo of the whole army – ta -dah!:


Here’s a closer look at all of the units in turn.

First up, some heroes. From left to right below you have a Necromancer, my Vampire army general Lady Melantha and a Revenant King:


A Cursed Pharoah, Mounted Standard Bearer and Mounted Necromancer:


And a second Mounted Necromancer and a Mounted Revenant King:


Next, we’re into the regiments. Skeletons with hand weapons:


Skeletons Spearmen:




And Revenants with Two-Handed Weapons (converted from Basilean Paladins):


Revenant Cavalry:




Wights (Reaper Barrow Warden miniatures):


Zombie Trolls:


First regiment of Werewolves:


And a second:


Tarpit time! A Hordeof Zombies:


And a horde of Ghouls:


Hang on! Who does that whoppin’ great big tail behind the Ghouls belong to? Kaladrax, my army centre piece (aka flippin’ huge) Undead Dragon:


From the huge to a small, but nonetheless deadly; troop of Soul Reaver Infantry:


And their support; a battery of Balefire Catapults:


And a Vampire on Undead Dragon:


And lastly, because I realise haven’t posted any pictures of her on this blog before- my Undead Army General; The Lady Melantha:


Hey, when your skin is nearly as hard as iron, you don’t need to wear lots of heavy armour. And if you’ve got it, flaunt it; right? May distract the enemy. Besides – who says the Undead can’t be at least kinda sexy..?


She does look rather disapproving, eh?


Hopefully, seeing a whole army image and then one unit after another, you’ll notice some of the unifying themes of the army.

I’ve chosen a vibrant, sickly green as the colour for the necromantic energies. Of my two Mounted  Necromancers; one is covered in green flames and wields a and carried this colour over in a paler tint, to the colour of my unit of Wraiths and two-handed staff with necromantic fire in a skull at the end. The other is surfin’ zombie style, with two lanterns behind him fuelled by the same green energy.The payload of the Balefire Catapults, the Revennat King’s Orb and the standards of both the Skeleton  regiments also utilise the same necromantic energy. The runes on Lady Melantha’s sword glow with it too, as do the eyes of the Revenant cavalry’s mounts.

The army sigil is a white rose (which there’s a story behind), so you’ll see the motif on shields and the standard bearer. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see some white roses on the bases of the Ghoul and especially on the Zombie Horde.

Thirdly, the stonework is all (kinda) a  Yorkshire stone colour; golden rather than grey. You see this most on the Zombies and Ghouls, but also on the bases of the Werewolves, Wights, Wraith, Vampire Queen and Revenant King.

Well, I think this post is now long enough.

As always; thanks for reading! 🙂


Greebo Games Un-Renaissance Undead Miniatures

I’d never heard of Greebo Games until a few months ago. They’re an Italian company who manufacture a wide range of Fantasy Football miniatures and several other lines for other companies. Then one day, whilst browsing on Kickstarter, their ‘Un-Renaissance’ line came up as a recommendation. The concept art and CG sculpts looked amazing and I immediately saw use for many of their miniatures in my Kings of War Undead army.

Take a look for yourself and quite possibly prepare to be blown away by some amazing miniatures. You may want to go and make a cuppa to enjoy whilst you read this. It’s a bumper blog post!

WARNING one of these sculpts involves nudity and has a sexual element to it. (Bet you’re scrolling down to find that one first now, aintcha..?)

First up, the concept art for Savonarola, from Greebo’s  Kickstarter campaign:


And the finished metal figure:


And from the back…


And side. This superb figure is going to be used as a Necromancer for my Kings of War Undead army. The flames will be the sickly green colour I use for necromantic energy.


Next – ‘The Pope’. This was the first figure I saw in Greebo’s Kickstarter campaign and I instantly knew i wanted it. Firstly, the concept art:


And the finished miniature. I think a great job has been done in making a 2D concept to 3D ‘life’ (or undeath). He’ll make a superb Liche King for my army.



Next up is a real triumph, and my second favourite miniature of the campaign: Copernico:


Now, this was a sunovabitch to assemble, but well worth the work (bit of green stiff required here n’ there, but ignore the gaps and look at the glory!)


My gut instinct is to use him as a Standard Bearer (possibly classed as mounted due to all the swirling magical energy) but he’d make a great Necromancer too. No reason why I can’t use him as either from one game to another.




I took some step by step photos as I assembled Copernico, so they’ll make their way onto the vault as their own blog post in the not too distant future.

Next, my flat out favourite miniature (well, more of a bigature really) and the one I made the warning about earlier:  Lucrezia Borgia:


I think this beautifully rendered miniature is very disturbing with it’s blend of eroticism and horror. (Lucrezia is bare breasted, the naked zombies are entwined together; one is clearly sucking the breast of another and it appears that one is performing an act of fellatio…). This is going to be… interesting to paint!


Due to the footprint of the model, Lucrezia isn’t very practical as a Hero miniature for my army, but she would make a superb Vampire or Lady Ilona. practically she may be better in a regiment or horde of Zombies. Decisions, decisions…


Next, a Necromancer, who will ‘do what it says on the tin’ in my army:


You’ll see by now how consistently good Greebo are at realising their concept art. I did get a sprue of arms (as per the concept art above) with this figure; I forgot to put them in the photo.


The Vitruvian golem, who will be front and centre of a regiment or horde of Zombies:




Alexander, who will of course be a Vampire for my army (I love the clothing on this sculpt)




Dante, who would have been great as part of one of my regiments of Wraiths, but who will instead serve as a Revenant King.



I like the gribblies on his base.


Giotto, who will make a fine Necromancer for my army:



And finally, some Cheerleaders, or as they’ve come to be nicknamed ‘Cheerlewders’. Not really sure I have a use for these in my army, but they’re fun sculpts.




Just realised that I also have two little ‘Dead Dudes’ and two markers as well, which I haven’t photographed yet. The Dead Dudes will make good fillers for a unit of zombies. The markers, like the Cheerlewders, are lovely, but I don’t really have a use for them in my army.

But what a great selection of new miniatures I do have for my Undead Army. It’ll take me a long time to get round to painting all of them, but Lucrezia, Copernico and Savonarola will be amongst the first up on the paint table. More blog posts as they get painted 🙂

You can visit Greebo’s website here. However, I don’t think these Un -Renaissance miniatures are in their shop just yet. You can see their Kickstarter campaign here. I didn’t buy all of the miniatures available through the Kickstarter, so there’s many more for you to discover there.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


“Undead Aldryami” for Runequest RPG

My friend Graeme runs a 2nd Edition Runequest campaign that myself and my mate Andy have enjoyed playing for a couple of years now. In the current adventure we’re up against undead Aldryami. Aldyami are the Elves in the world of Glorantha (where our campaign is set) and unlike Tolkien or most other fantasy elves, they are not creatures of flesh and blood, but rather plant, leaf and wood.

We’ve encountered undead versions of the more ‘regular’ man-sized Aldryami, smaller knee -high creatures, all thorns and sharp edges and one or two large, tree-sized Aldryami creatures. Graeme has been representing the latter with this superb miniature;  “The Weed” by Crooked Dice Game Design.

It’s a resin model and it has a great level of detail on it. has some great detail on it. Even though I have a painting table full of other projects I’m currently partway through (namely a unit of Mummies for Kings of War and my Secret Weapon Deadzone boards) I thought that this miniature was so good, and may be used so little after this adventure; that it would be great to get it painted up so any further appearances can be in colour.

One conversation with Graeme (to make sure we were on the same wavelength re a colour palette) and a weekend of hobby time later and I had it finished. Here’s three photos each of the front and back, showing the miniature based and undercoated (with some greenstuff textured to blend the resin cast in with its plastic base), with the base colours airbrushed on and finally fully painted and with base details complete:


I’ve painted the body in mainly dark green and brown colours, with more vivid colours (based on real world funghi) for the various growths encrusting the creature. Graeme said he’s like some purple to be in the mix somewhere, so I painted the large pustule -like growth on its torso in purple, to act as a focus point, almost a face, and picked out other spherical growths on its body in the same purple.

I thought the tentacles looked delightfully organic, so painted them in a rubbery mushroom/flesh colour , made an effort to highlight them and coated them in gloss varnish (with the rest of the creature covered in matt varnish) to try and enhance their already icky look.

Overall,I’m very happy with how the ‘swamp thing’ has turned out and more importantly, Graeme is too. Now Andy and I just have to hope that neither of our player characters fall prey to a freshly painted Undead Aldryami beastie!

You can see what we’re using for the man-sized Undead Aldryami in this previous blog post.

To finish off, here’s a look at either side of the big beastie, in all its writhing tentacular glory!

Thanks for reading!


Necromancer for Undead Kings of War Army

Here’s what I think is a fantastic Necromancer miniature, which I use in my Undead Army for Kings of War:




The miniature is a resin cast by Scibor, who make more than a few nice models. I particularly like the zombies that are emerging from the ground at the Necromancer’s feet and the way he’s patting one on the head like a faithful hound.

The Necromancer has a very characterful face and there’some nice sigils carved into the base of the sculpt. May seem like an odd thing to elaborate on, but I also like the ragged, worn edge of the Necromancer’s cloak. Very nice detail and overall; a joy to paint.

The model is more 30mm than 28mm, large even for heroic scale. He is a certainly larger than Mantic’s sculpts, but not so much that he looks out of place or outlandish when set up with the rest of the army.

I’ve based this miniature on a 40mm round resin base that has cracked earth detail and which I use for all of my character models.

Here’s a closer look at ‘Barry’ and ‘Larry’. Say hello to the nice people, boys.



Thanks for reading 🙂