Mummy Regiment for Kings of War

Here’s my regiment of Mummies for use in my Kings of War Undead Army. It’s comprised of two Troops so I have good flexibility in choosing my army, but the vast majority of the time, I field them as a regiment.

Mummy Regiment 1

Mummy Regiment 2

Mummy Regiment 5

Mummy Regiment 6

The unit is predominantly made up of Mantic’s mummies. I found two Tomb Kings miniatures in a bitz box at  a wargames show (the standard bearer and musician) and thought they would add some variety to the unit. I made up two champion figures from other Tomb Kings pieces I have.

Mummy Regiment 3

Mummy Regiment 4

Mummy Regiment 7

I do feel it makes the unit look a bit more Gee Dubs than Mantic, as the command models are what you see first, but I’m happy with the overall effect. I had a spare carrion model from GW’s Warmaster range and added that for  bit of extra ‘colour’.

Mummy Regiment 9

Mummy Regiment 10

Here’s a close up of one of the Mantic Mummies:

Mummy Regiment 8

From research for an old 15mm Egyptian army I started but never finished, I vaguely remember reading that Egyptian marines wore red and blue. Now, I know these Mummies aren’t Egyptian, but using red for their main colour contrasts nicely with my Skeleton units (whose main colours are green and brown) and compliments other elite units such as my Soul Reaver infantry.

I airbrushed and drybrushed some sandy-coloured dirt onto the tattered ends of the red cloaks. The armour is a bronze colour with a grimey green wash to try and give a verdigris effect. The weapons look fat to uniform to me now, looking at these photos, so I think I’ll add a little rust effect to them.

I painted the Mummies flesh a dark grey, based on actual Mummies I’ve seem in museums.

The icon on the banner and shields is the White Rose motif I’ve chosen for my army. I imagine that the mummies have allied themselves with /been pressed into service for the Lady Melantha, my Vampire  Countess and army general and have adopted her White Rose sigil to show allegiance.

This painted regiment will see action for the first time during any games I play as part of Mantic’s Edge of the abyss summer campaign. Fingers crossed that they don’t suffer the curse of the freshly painted miniatures.

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Painted Undead Army for Kings of War

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday Dear Vault of the Undead,

Happy Birthday to Me!

It just struck me the other day that I created this Vault of the Undead blog in September 2015, so it’s just celebrated its 1st birthday. Crikey, tempus fugit indeed.

By way of a minor celebration, I’ve done a quick photo shoot of all of the painted units that comprise my Undead army for Kings of War. This is the first time I’ve actually laid them all out to take a photo of the whole army – ta -dah!:


Here’s a closer look at all of the units in turn.

First up, some heroes. From left to right below you have a Necromancer, my Vampire army general Lady Melantha and a Revenant King:


A Cursed Pharoah, Mounted Standard Bearer and Mounted Necromancer:


And a second Mounted Necromancer and a Mounted Revenant King:


Next, we’re into the regiments. Skeletons with hand weapons:


Skeletons Spearmen:




And Revenants with Two-Handed Weapons (converted from Basilean Paladins):


Revenant Cavalry:




Wights (Reaper Barrow Warden miniatures):


Zombie Trolls:


First regiment of Werewolves:


And a second:


Tarpit time! A Hordeof Zombies:


And a horde of Ghouls:


Hang on! Who does that whoppin’ great big tail behind the Ghouls belong to? Kaladrax, my army centre piece (aka flippin’ huge) Undead Dragon:


From the huge to a small, but nonetheless deadly; troop of Soul Reaver Infantry:


And their support; a battery of Balefire Catapults:


And a Vampire on Undead Dragon:


And lastly, because I realise haven’t posted any pictures of her on this blog before- my Undead Army General; The Lady Melantha:


Hey, when your skin is nearly as hard as iron, you don’t need to wear lots of heavy armour. And if you’ve got it, flaunt it; right? May distract the enemy. Besides – who says the Undead can’t be at least kinda sexy..?


She does look rather disapproving, eh?


Hopefully, seeing a whole army image and then one unit after another, you’ll notice some of the unifying themes of the army.

I’ve chosen a vibrant, sickly green as the colour for the necromantic energies. Of my two Mounted  Necromancers; one is covered in green flames and wields a and carried this colour over in a paler tint, to the colour of my unit of Wraiths and two-handed staff with necromantic fire in a skull at the end. The other is surfin’ zombie style, with two lanterns behind him fuelled by the same green energy.The payload of the Balefire Catapults, the Revennat King’s Orb and the standards of both the Skeleton  regiments also utilise the same necromantic energy. The runes on Lady Melantha’s sword glow with it too, as do the eyes of the Revenant cavalry’s mounts.

The army sigil is a white rose (which there’s a story behind), so you’ll see the motif on shields and the standard bearer. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see some white roses on the bases of the Ghoul and especially on the Zombie Horde.

Thirdly, the stonework is all (kinda) a  Yorkshire stone colour; golden rather than grey. You see this most on the Zombies and Ghouls, but also on the bases of the Werewolves, Wights, Wraith, Vampire Queen and Revenant King.

Well, I think this post is now long enough.

As always; thanks for reading! 🙂


Ghoul Horde for Kings of War

Here’s my Horde of Ghouls for Mantic Games’ Kings of War. This was one of the first units I painted and had ever multi-based,so I spent some time before I started basing them determining what the best configuration of bases was so that I could use the miniatures as four Troops,Two Regiments or one Horde, whilst still being able to have an obvious unit champion for each.

Ghouls  (2)

Ghouls  (1)

At the same time I was planning these ghouls I was also planning my Skeleton Regiment.I decided that I’d keep the Skeletons very simple, with no unit fillers, to make them look more regimented and organised than the Ghouls.

I like the way the ghouls have quite low stances and I wanted to try and get the feel of them slinking through a graveyard, over tombs and around gravestones; looking like more of a pack than a unit. I’d bought some of the Renedra gravestones and had a tomb from  a certain old board game that’d been in my bitz box for years (and years and years),so decided to make use of them. The graveyard theme ties in nicely with my Horde of Zombies, too.

Whilst I was browsing on Reaper’s website, I’d seen a great looking model that I thought would be ideal as a unit champion, stood atop a pile of bones and in a very commanding pose. Happily, the gravestone on the left in the picture below (from Games Workshop’s Garden of Morr set) has roses sculpted onto it, which ties in nicely with my army’s white rose theme:

Ghouls  (8)

Ghouls  (9)

Ghouls  (10)

I reasoned that the ghouls probably spent most of their time hunting or scavenging at night or lurking in their burrows, so they would have pale, almost white skin. Also, they wouldn’t be too hot on personal hygiene and so their hands/claws would be stained red with blood from their meals.

Ghouls  (5)

Ghouls  (4)

Ghouls  (3)

An old 15mm rat swarm came in useful too, if you can spot it in the photo below (on the fallen gravestone in front of the second Ghoul fro the left).

Ghouls  (6)

Ghouls  (7)

I like the nasty little details of the savage piercings in the Ghoul’s limbs and torsos. Maybe they have lost so much of their humanity, that self-mutilation is now one of the few ways they can feel anything.

Ghouls  (11)

Hard to see in the photo below,but I spent some time fiddling with making one of the ‘Freddy Kruger’ gauntlets fit the Ghouls’ other hand , thumb and all, so he has left and right handed death mittens.

Ghouls  (12)

The Ghoul on the right in the photo below reminds me of one of the cannibals from the original 1977 version of ‘The Hills Have Eyes (played by Michael Berryman).
Ghouls  (13)

Ghouls  (14)

Ghouls  (15)

All in all, I think that Mantic’s Ghouls are great miniatures, very characterful. They’re compatible with the Zombie sprues too (one or two pieces of which have found their way into this Horde of Ghouls).

Thanks for reading!

Painted Revenants with Two Handed Weapons for Kings of War

Ah, I love Bank Holidays. Got my feet up and a bit of time on my hands, so here’s a few photos of another of my Undead army units; Revenants with Two Handed Weapons:


Mantic hasn’t produced any miniatures to represent this unit choice yet, but I’ve created them for my army by using Mantic’s Basilean Paladins and adding heads from the Undead Revenants and Skeletons.

The Basilean Paladins are all armed with two handed swords, however I had a few weapons kicking around in my bits box from over the years,so I’ve been able to arm the unit with a variety of hefty looking instruments of destruction.

Take the unit champion- he has a whopping great Bastard Sword (which I.I.R.C came from a GW Mordheim sprue):


The standard is also from a GW kit, but I don’t know which one – it’s a piece I bought for 50p from a bitz box at a wargaming show. The lovely double headed morning star to the left of the banner is from a GW Empire Penitents kit (again I.I.R.C).

I’ve painted these Revenants the same way as my ‘normal’ unit and their cavalry counterparts-all have bronze armour that is quite heavily coated in verdigris. Cloth is purple and green and the banner bears the White Rose motif of my army.


The unit is multi-based in two Troops of ten, allowing me to field them as such or as a Regiment.This is the Troop with the ‘command’ figures:


And this is the rear Troop. Different weapons include a wavy bladed sword (no idea what the correct phrase is – thoughts anyone?) and a good ol’ fashioned scythe.


Same Troop, different angle:


And here’s a shot of the Regiment fro above. You can clearly see the two scythes and morning star here. There’s also a mace-wielding Revenant top left/ far left rear rank of the unit. It too a bit of planning and fiddling to get them all to rank up, but I’m pleased with the final unit.

Thanks for reading!


Mantic Games Undead Army Mounted Standard Bearer, Painted

Here’s a figure I’ve painted upon my day off from work, an Undead Army Mounted Standard Bearer by Mantic Games:




I think it’s a great little miniature. The mount is one of the same undead horses that you get in the Revenant cavalry set, but the rider is a unique sculpt (or maybe the arm is the same as the standard from the Rev Cav set too..). Either way, doesn’t matter- great miniature. You can get him for 10 Mantic Points from Mantic’s shop. I don’t think you can buy him outright otherwise:

And here he is leading the Undead to war across my dining room table.. (uh-oh!)


Thanks for reading! 🙂

Revenant Cavalry for Mantic Game’s Kings of War

These are my  Revenant Cavalry by Mantic Games for my Kings of War Undead army:

Revenant Cavalry

They’re a full Regiment of 10, multi based as two Troops of five, so I have maximum flexibility in my options for selecting my army.

Close ups of the unit Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer:

Revenant Cavalry (3)

Revenant Cavalry (4)

Revenant Cavalry (5)

You can clearly see the motif I’ve chosen for my army here; a rose argent, or White Rose. I use water slide transfers for the shields and have hand painted the rose on the unit standard. The White Rose is a nod to my adopted home county of Yorkshire and I’ve written it into a set of background fluff for my army, which I’ll post on the blog sometime soon.

I like the design of these miniatures, especially the partially decayed steeds:

Revenant Cavalry (7)

I’ve used gloss varnish on the steeds’ exposed muscle to make it glisten and look raw. The Revenant’s armour is painted in bronze tones, with a green wash to give a verdigris effect. Plumes and cloth are painted purple. This is to contrast with the skeleton units (i’ll post images of one of these next) who wear ‘normal’ metal-coloured armour and have green and brown clothing. The Revenants look more ‘royal’ and antique in comparison and I’ve painted these cavalry and two regiments of Revenants on foot using the same colour scheme.

This is the second of the two Troops, no Champion, Standard or Musician here:

Revenant Cavalry (8)

and a last shot of the full Regiment, thundering into combat.

Revenant Cavalry (1)